Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cherry, cherry and Adios 2009 (a bit late)

2009 was a bitter sweet year and I thank my lucky stars that it's over.
In the bitter category:
In January I found out my company was essentially up for sale and my job stability was highly questionable. Hello stress!
In March I learned that my sister needed surgery.
In April I lost one of my grandmothers.
In April I hit the extreme fatigue and sickness that comes with the first trimester of pregnancy.
In July and August I spent every spare moment looking for a new job (while preggers).
In August 95% of my friends and co-workers were let go.
In September my daughter started preschool and therefore was sick almost every day for the rest of the year.
In October my daughter got the swine flu and I had to leave the house for 5 days to avoid getting the flu while pregnant. We'd never been apart before and this was extremely difficult for us.
Also in October I started having regular contractions and was put on bed rest.
In November my husband had major surgery on his nose and sinuses. Goodbye bed rest.
In December I was 9 months pregnant and quite the grinch.

In the sweet category:
My sister is well and the results of the surgery were all good.
The rest of my family is now healthy and my husband can breathe better than he has in probably 10 years.
I kept my job although working in a mostly empty building is quite depressing and humbling.
And of course expecting our second child brought great joy.

And now for knitting! I have been doing quite a bit considering the year I've had. But unfortunately I've been too busy or sick to post about any of the projects. So here is a picture of my daughter Liv in my first successful project of 2010, the Felicity hat.

I cast on 60 stitches and did a few less increase and decrease rows to fit Liv. This is Malabrigo worsted in a striking red. Liv picked out the color herself.

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