Friday, December 26, 2008

Research your project

Small projects are not necessarily easy projects. This seems obvious but I've caught myself on numerous occassions equating small projects with beginner level skills. And I've gotten into a few sticky situations from this mistaken thinking.

The project on which I learned this lesson was Leigh Radford's Petal Bib from the One Skein book. The book's photography is luscious, the yarn and colors she uses make me want to nibble on rich sweets. I was totally smitten with the bibs and I just had to have one in every color of the rainbow.

Then there was a problem. The pattern called for short rows. I didn't know how to use short rows for shaping. I didn't even know what short rows were or that they could be used for shaping. I remember reading something about people getting through many years of knitting withough using short rows. I felt a little silly for being so unneccesarily adventurous with my pattern choice. I learned how to do them but most importantly I would like to think that I learned to research a project before I commit to it.

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