Friday, December 26, 2008

Yarn splits

Choose yarn that won’t split.

I bought some yarn on sale at a hobby store and picked it mainly for it’s color (tangerine for my sister who was into tangerine at the time). When I started knitting the scarf with it I discovered that it would be a painfully long experience. The yarn split easily making it hard to make a stitch without missing part of the yarn. I had to spend lots of time going back to fix stitches.

How do I know if yarn will split?

In my experience (which is not very extensive) if I hold the yarn in my fingers and squeeze it and the strands separate easily, it will split easily. However some yarn that I've used didn't split in my hands, it split when I started knitting with it.

The only common attribute of the two yarns is that they didn't seem to be twisted very tightly. In other words they didn't have one yarn wrapped tightly around the other fiber. I'm sure there are plenty of experienced knitters and fiber artists out there that can explain this much better than I, so I have included a picture of two yarns I've used - one that split easily and one that didn't. I hope this helps with your next trip to the yarn shop.

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