Monday, January 5, 2009

Update on the Just Enough Ruffles scarf

I'm going to rip back to the first wrapped row. Why?
I'd like to just say "I did the short rows incorrectly" and leave it at that. But since my blog is all about discovering my own mistakes, and hopefully helping other people to avoid them, I must be honest.
Yes I did the short rows incorrectly, but how? It's that word "previously" before "wrapped stitch" in the Short Row 3 and 4 of the Shape Curve section that I didn't pay attention to. What finally clued me into my mistake? I wasn't decreasing; there was no curve.
I think the tag-line for my blog should be "I knit mistakes so you don't have to." Above is a picture of my rectangular disaster soon.


  1. so is the picture you show above the corrected wrapping technique or the wrong one? Mine looks just like the picture you show and now that I'm onto the pick up wrap rows, I can't figure out what to do. Do I try to pick up all 7 wrapped stitches at once and knit those to the one stitch they hang from? I'm stumped and no one but you has posted a similar dilemna.

  2. I just looked at your picture again, and see that you went to the very end of the row to do the wrap. Oops. I guess I now know that my wrap and turn looks as it should. Just having a mental block as to how to get all those wrapped stitches picked up. good luck with your re-do.

  3. To the first comment. The picture I've shown above is of the wrong wrapping technique. You do not pick up all 7 wrapped stitches at once. You will only pick up one wrap at a time and you will knit it along with the stitch that it is right next to.
    But you don't pick up any wraps until you complete all of the short rows (the rows with wraps at the end). When you have completed the short rows you will have a scarf that is skinnier on the ends and wider in the middle. The skinnier ends have the wrapped stitches every three stitches.
    Next you will do a row that "picks up the wraps" as you come to them. I hope this helps!

  4. To the 2nd comment. Thank you, I finished my scarf last night and will be blocking it soon. I hope the response to the first comment helps out with figuring how to pick up all of those wraps.

  5. Por favor, preciso da receita do ruffles scarf. Obrigada.



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