Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ruffly is done

My Just Enough Ruffles scarf is complete and I'm so happy I could run around the house squeeling. A little like my daughter does when we mention the word "outside" (you'd think we keep her locked up in a closet). It is my first finished object of the new year and it is a success.
I love the Malabrigo merino yarn and once I figured out the short rows all was well.
So I've decided that I need to knit the scarf in another color. Because lime and blue just doesn't match all of my outfits. I have a couple skeins of some peach colored wool that I bought two years ago and have been stumped with what to use it for. Maybe this will be a good project. On the other hand I'd like to have this scarf in cotton, since winter doesn't last long in Austin. I'm currently enamored with Blue Sky Alpaca's dyed cotton so maybe I'll buy some of that.
And since I'm on a roll with short rows I've decided to do the Calorimetry ear warmer. I've had my eye on it for a while. It will be perfect for our chilly (but not too cold) winters.


  1. I am so glad you found my group the Lesser Known Skeins on Ravelry. I will visit and comment on your blog often.

  2. Your Ruffle Scarf is gorgeous! I think peach yarn wold be beautiful also... Your yen for yarn is inspiring me to do something I love!
    Mucho Hugs, Susan

  3. hello fellow texan and knitting blogger! i love this scarf. i would make more if i was not in the same boat as you. wish we could have some snow once in a while ;)



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