Thursday, February 5, 2009

Where are my knitting needles?

I'm hopelessly disorganized. I'm one of these people that is organized in a perfect world. I know what organization should look like I just have a problem achieving it. I criticize myself endlessly on this topic. And I answer myself by saying "Self, life is complicated" or "I'm busy" or "I'm creative". I think I have to have an intervention with myself. I am not organized. Just because I love the Container Store and all things related to organization it does not mean that I am an organized person. Okay, there, now I've done it.

You may ask what sparked this confession and self-intervention. I lost my knitting needles damn it! I had them in my hand one minute and they were gone off the face of the planet the next. And this has happened not once, not twice but at least a dozen times in the last few months. Knitting needles, knitting books, yarn for goodness sake! I'm fed up with myself. Help!


  1. There are people who can help you :) I love the link, what it be great if our studios/craft spaces could look like that. In a dream world...

  2. The knitting monster has all of your things. I have one of those in my house as well. As soon as it is done with your needles, books and yarn it will give them back. One day while walking from one room to another there it will be! Just remember to say,"Thank you knitting monster", because you want to keep it happy or next time it will not return your things.



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